Hello Alfred is building help into our homes. We combine in-home hospitality at the hands of expert employees with smart technology to tackle to-dos and anticipate needs so our members Come Home Happy each week.

To us this means creating great jobs, empowering the best local businesses, giving our members more headspace and time to invest in things they love, and creating a human experience where we trust each other and make cities better places to live. Our ambitions are bold and we hold ourselves to high expectations and ethical standards.

Join our team on the human-centered mission to give people back the luxury of their time.

Our Search

We believe that while technology is important to our success, people are the most important. This is reflected both in our product and the way we hire. Our hiring ethos balances rigor with empathy, a mutual, multifaceted evaluation of potential. It’s our goal to share our culture where positivity and play drives focus, clarity, and candor while creating an environment to thrive in. If you want ownership, you’ll find it here—and a team energized to help bring out your best, so we can help our community be theirs.

You’ll do well here if you:

  • Hold the highest integrity
  • Have strong empathy muscles
  • Want to be best in the world at what you do
  • Act like an owner
  • Reflect, listen, and act to master what you learn
  • Make others better
  • Have grit to finish what you start
  • Make work play

“Alfred is the ultimate sidekick for anyone who wants the time and space to be their most successful and creative self.”

— Marcela Sapone, Co-Founder & CEO

If these resonate, let’s talk.

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Our Culture


We’re here to obliterate the work silo, and that goes beyond just shared lunches. Prioritizing our people means erasing artificial lines between teammates. Product rubs shoulders with Operations. Design and Sales hash out roadblocks on the spot. Most importantly, all of us experience the front lines as Alfred Client Managers. We put the mantra our employees are our primary customer into practice, capping each week off by candidly addressing highlights and setbacks alike. We’re here for each other’s best work, and we absolutely know it when we see it.


Out with the typical “work hard, play hard.” Good work is play. We are in it to make people’s lives better and balanced and that includes our own. We don’t replace our passions with our roles—each champions the other, a cadence with more than enough room for the vibrant facets that make us interesting people. We proudly count skydiving adventure junkies, gamers, poets, chefs, and pet fanatics among the Alfred team. That’s agency, that’s sound judgment, and that’s worth our combined support.


Careers soar past plateaus here—you will never be locked in or pigeonholed. We believe sincerely in potential, fluidly evolving roles to keep pace with a vision to quite literally change how a city lives. Less “how did you get here?”, more “how can we get you there?” Just ask any of the Alfred Client Managers we’ve internally promoted to team leaders, managers, or full-time roles. Even better, visit us in person at our Homequarters in NYC to start a conversation.

We work with the top property developers and managers in the country to offer residents an elevated living experience.

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