“ The Hottest New Amenity in Luxury Housing ”

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There are riches to be found in serving a time-poor generation

“Millennials are turning to ‘home managers’ like those offered by Hello Alfred”

New Jersey City rental debuts in leafy, historic Hamilton Park

“Amenities include a rooftop lounge with an outdoor kitchen, a private dining room, a fitness center, a swimming pool, a screening room and on-site parking. Concierge service Hello Alfred has been hired to provide hospitality services like in-home package delivery, apartment cleaning, and grocery shopping.”

Hello Alfred’s $40 Million Raise Is About More Than Maid Service

“Google discribes the company as an “American maid service company” for luxury properties but the bigtime investors in their cap table is a giveaway that there is a lot more than meets the eye.”

Hello Alfred attracts $40 million in Series B funding

“The automated personal-concierge service plans to add at least 60,000 rental apartments to its client list this year”

Hello Alfred raises $40M to bring hotel-style hospitality to more households

“New York-based chore wizard Hello Alfred is about to expand its mission to make life easier, one to-do list at a time.”

Hello Alfred raises $40M in Series B

“Hello Alfred, an in-home assistant and property management startup, raised $40 million in a Series B funding round, the company announced Thursday.”

Invesco, DivcoWest Lead $40M Series B Funding in Butler Service Hello Alfred

“Hello Alfred, a startup that provides personal home managers, has raised $40 million in a Series B funding round led by real estate developers Invesco and DivcoWest”

Hello Alfred Raises $40 Million To Bring Commerce Even Closer To Home

“Hello Alfred, a New York home service startup, has just raised $40 million in a Series B round as it looks to expand into more buildings in more cities.”

Hello Alfred, the in-home assistant service, snags $40 million

“Hello Alfred is trying to make that vision reality by weaving together technology with an army of employees who will enter your home to do everyday tasks like restocking your fridge, watering your plants, and even buying birthday presents.”

Caregiver Crunch? No Problem, This Is How Tech-Savvy Millennials Will Care For Aging Baby Boomers

“Other services under the umbrella of the sharing economy like Taskrabbit or Hello Alfred (for home maintenance and other household tasks) and Instacart (for grocery shopping and delivery) can serve to fill other instrumental tasks that are commonly done by unpaid caregivers. We tend to associate services like these with ease, convenience, even laziness. But for a caregiver who finds time to be at a major premium, they could be a lifesaver.”

Taking a break is part of your job

“Voluminous research supports the critical importance of recovery. But corporate work cultures around the world continue to celebrate unrelenting effort with diminishing returns. Instead, we should think of non-work time as not only something that makes us better at our jobs—but as part of our jobs.”

Is There a Future Perfect?

“Offered as an amenity at luxury apartment buildings, Hello Alfred sends a real-life human to perform household chores at a client's home. “We are the real assistant for your home,” Ms. Sapone said.”

Glimpse the Hollywood Sign and Capitol Records Building from This New Rental Tower

“Onsite amenities include an outdoor swimming pool and spa, a dog run, barbecue grills, a catering kitchen, and a library lounge with a travertine fireplace. Argyle House will also use Hello Alfred technology to provide in-home digital concierge services.”

High Over Hamilton Park, 485 Marin Is the Next Generation of Jersey City Apartment Living

“It’s also where residents can use the cutting-edge Hello Alfred service for app-based lifestyle coordination with a human touch which is only available to Jersey City residents living in KRE Group buildings.This revolutionary platform combines concierge services with savvy Alfred home managers who can assist with a wide array of everyday and extraordinary residential needs. Hello Alfred helps residents facilitate deliveries, including groceries all the way to the fridge and laundry hung in the closet. Use the app to coordinate move-in, errands, and more, executed by the dedicated home managers they simply call…Alfreds. It’s the next best thing to actually being Bruce Wayne.”

Related Cos. Opens Luxury Community in Hollywood

“The property is in the process of becoming LEED Silver certified. The Argyle House is also the first property in SoCal to have Hello Alfred technology integrated through Related Companies’ custom platform, Life Simplified, meaning it can anticipate and complete instinctive and sophisticated to-dos on a resident’s behalf including app-based grocery ordering, pantry and fridge stocking, dry cleaning, and laundry pick-up and delivery.”

Cultural Changes Call for a Rethinking of Apartment Amenities

“Marcela’s company is being used in thousands of apartment units to help renters connect to services including a partnership with Related Company, New York City’s largest luxury apartment owner with over 7,000 units. Residents will receive Alfred’s in-home service as well as additional custom services aimed at enhancing the resident experience such as entertainment planning (think rooftop barbecue or intimate dinner party); living space enhancements (think furniture set-up, or baby-proofing); and special events with neighborhood cultural and dining venues.”

Hello Alfred Is Coming Out With Its Own Line Of Home Goods

“Hello Alfred, which was created in 2014 by co-founders Marcela Sapone and Jessica Beck, set out to provide people with one of the most coveted things in the world: more time. Alfreds shop to keep homes stocked with items that the members need, they take out the trash and keep things organized, but they can also handle more customized needs, so long as the desires are reasonable and legal.”

Ahead of the Times

“In-home concierge service Hello Alfred takes a more Luxe approach to outsourcing by pairing clients with a specific “Alfred” to complete various customizable chores-from laundry to grocery shopping to in-store returns.”

Start-Up Star Hello Alfred is Expanding

“The co-founders of Hello Alfred built a business around the concept of combining the human touch with technological wizardry. Now they’re branching out.”

40 Under 40 Class of 2018

“The solution: a home manager—namely an Alfred, after Batman’s butler—who, just for starters, uses algorithms and the keys to a client’s apartment to anticipate their needs, keep the fridge stocked and put away the dry cleaning. Revenue surged 600% in January as the company signed deals to become an in-house amenity at scores of luxury high-rises, including the entire rental portfolio of The Related Cos. ”

3 Lessons Big Brands Can Learn From Disruptive Startups

“The Hello Alfred startup offers its users the service of a concierge, on-demand. It was launched when the co-founders realized that working long hours and handling all of the other things in life, like taking care of yourself and your apartment, do not go hand in hand. Being your own customer helps your understand which element of the customer experience to focus on and where to prioritize human connection over mere transactions.””

Two Bedroom With Views—And A Personal Concierge

“The company hit 1 million home visits this past year and signed a significant deal in December with Related Companies, one of the largest residential real estate developers in the U.S. Alfred will bring its app-powered, on-demand services—which rely on human assistants who can anticipate what customers want—to an additional 11,000 units and help Related’s luxury buildings woo and retain tenants.”

The World's 50 Most Innovative Companies

“The Alfred platform works in conjunction with an app to provide customers with next-level services such as putting groceries away in the refrigerator and auto-ordering and restocking toilet paper. Alfred assistants also learn about customers’ usage habits, using that info to better inform the AI work. Meanwhile, Alfred has partnered with brands such as Diageo, Nestlé, and P&G to allow Alfred’s customers to test new products (and have the brands receive helpful feedback on beta goods). Available at various price points, Alfred is now focused on incorporating itself into more and more apartment buildings. In 2017, it signed a deal with major real estate company Related Companies, which added Alfred services to an additional 11,000 units while helping Related’s luxury buildings retain tenants.”

NYC developments get smart: A look at the latest residential building technologies

“Residents of Journal Squared can even experience Hello Alfred’s services before they live in the building. The platform offers digital move-in coordination, where “Home Managers” assist with sourcing movers’ quotes, arranging telecom services set-up, and packing and unpacking. Once they move in the building, residents can rely on Alfred’s digital hospitality platform for last-minute planning and errand assistance, or its daily in-home package delivery to lighten the burden of carrying boxes after a day’s work. For a premium membership, residents can receive a weekly Alfred visit, which includes apartment tidying, grocery shopping, laundry, dry cleaning, clothing/shoe repairs, prescription pick-ups, and shipping packages or outgoing mail.”

Hello Alfred concierge service saves apartment-dwellers time

“Hello Alfred manages all the services you’d bring into the building. It’s dry cleaning, grocery shopping, dog walking, staffing a gym,” Sapone explains. Hello Alfred also customizes its services. “You can ask for anything. If we can figure it out, we do it,” she said. The most requested services include: taking care of pets, making store returns, planning a party and specialty shopping.”

Tribeca Rental Specials at 88 Leonard Street: Hello Alfred Services + Renovated 3-Bed Penthouses

“Residents have access to Hello Alfred, a platform that integrates powerful technology and concierge services. ”


“This past year, Hello Alfred expanded beyond individual clients to partner with residential developers throughout six U.S. cities, becoming the exclusive provider of customized concierge service across all of the developers’ properties. With such a booming enterprise, Sapone and Beck are walking advertisements for their company’s services. So when their Alfreds help cut down their to-do lists, how do the entrepreneurs spend their time?”

Journal Squared: First Building In NJ To Offer Hello Alfred Service

“For many residents, living in Jersey City just became even more convenient. Leading real estate developer KRE Group has partnered with app-based hospitality service Hello Alfred to provide a singular amenity to tenants in all of their Jersey City properties. Launching first at Journal Squared and then across the entire portfolio later this year, Hello Alfred will enhance the resident experience and position KRE Group a head above the rest.”

Job titles make everyone worse at their jobs

“While we use traditional titles at Hello Alfred for external communications, our internal handles are the teams, or pods, to which we’re assigned—e.g., Activation, Expansion, Habit, and (our humor intact) New World Order. Practically speaking, this means “titles” and responsibilities evolve every few weeks or quarters, along with the goals and teams tasked with achieving them. As pods reconfigure, different people come together bringing different strengths and expertise, making for a more collaborative, dynamic workplace.”

More Than Views - A Closer Look at Jersey City's 53-Story Rental, Journal Squared

“Journal Squared's spacious apartments with up to three bedrooms have more than enough space for families, but there is also a colorful children's playroom to entertain the little ones. Residents also have access to the in-home hospitality platform Hello Alfred.”

KRE Group and Hello Alfred Team Up To Make Life in Jersey City a Little Sweeter

“Residents of KRE Group’s Journal Squared tower will be the first in the state of New Jersey to test out the service.”

LinkedIn Top Voices 2017: Venture Capital & Entrepreneurship

“The 10 must-know professionals weighing in on everything from tech's gender crisis to the funding market for venture capital.”

Why Women Should Compete With - Not Against - Each Other

“If you look at the startup world where I live, you see a lot of female cofounders and predominantly female teams. And the data show we are more likely to be successful thanks to that collaborative spirit. At Hello Alfred, my co-founder, Jess Beck, and I are working everyday to prove that true.”

What the world's largest hedge fund can teach a startup

“7 Lessons from the World's Most Successful Investor, Ray Dalio.”

Real Estate Firm Uses Tech Partnership To Simplify Life For Residents

“Real estate firm Related Companies has partnered with the tech and hospitality platform Hello Alfred to provide a suite of personal life-enhancing services to residents.”

CRE developer partners with Hello Alfred to provide concierge services

“App-driven personal concierge service Hello Alfred and prominent commercial real estate developer Related Companies have jointly announced a partnership that will deploy Hello Alfred in a select number of Related Companies’ residential properties.”

Hello Alfred, Related Companies, and Our Vision for a Smarter Home

“Our partnership with Related marks a new industry standard, not just for urban residential living but for the emergent field of in-home hospitality. Related and Hello Alfred share a commitment to bringing concierge-level hospitality into the home and infusing our everyday lives with luxury.”

With Hello Alfred Partnership, Related Seeks To Make Time The Hottest New Amenity In Luxury Housing

“Forbes calls it the "Hottest New Amenity in Luxury Housing".”

In-home concierge service Hello Alfred strikes major deal with Related

What Three Generations of Hospitality Engineers Have to Say About the Future

“Alfred earns the trust of our customers in order to bring goods and services into their homes. Our public narrative has been about getting things done and saving people time. But we’re ultimately about providing a hospitality experience for the hosts themselves. We combine technology, including data science and artificial intelligence, with intuitive human service to master the essential tool of all great hosts: the power to anticipate needs.”

Why Hello Alfred Is Focused More On Its Workers And Less On Algorithms

“People need to have jobs, and they need to feel like they are connected to the mission of the company that they’re working for, that they’re being paid well and treated well,” Marcela Sapone, Hello Alfred’s CEO and co-founder, told me on the latest episode of my podcast, The Bottom Line. “That’s how you actually affect change at a large scale.”

Office Hours: Meet Hello Alfred Co-Founder & CEO Marcela Sapone

“With Hello Alfred, Marcela Sapone, is taking the stigma out of asking for help and making luxury accessible. The on-demand personal assistant service is changing the way day-to-day things get done. One of Marcela's top goals was to get people thinking about "help" as being a utility and to make it both accessible and affordable.”

Hello Alfred Gets Your Chores Done

“Launched in 2014, Alfred has hundreds of employees in San Francisco, Boston and New York and thousands of users dependent on its errand-running services. Their business model is notable compared to other shared-economy enterprises as their task-doers are employees with W2s instead of contractors with 1099s.”

To help landlords lure tenants, this company will tend to their every need

Is the Gig Economy Working?

“For now, however, companies such as Hello Alfred, going above and beyond market demands out of principle, may be the gig economy’s best hope. ”

The Importance Of Human Touch In The IoT Age

“I think we have a real, trust-based relationship with people. Because of the human factor, there is a relationship, someone caring for you, looking out for you. This can transcend the idea of a website thinking they know you because they know your click or purchase history. That is often very imperfect information. We also make it very easy for people and remove friction: you can have a handyman come without having to be in the country, you can have those shoes grabbed from your closet and re-soled before your big event. People end up using us for more and more services.”

How to Be a Successful Entrepreneur and Mom at the Same Time

“Note that there are many ways that you can outsource and delegate. It’s possible in both of your walks of life. For example, you can outsource home chores through such services as Hello Alfred, which can do a lot of the stuff at home if you don’t have the time for it.”

A growing number of startups are ditching the Uber model and hiring full-time workers

“The home management platform Hello Alfred is also testing that theory using full-time employees. “Alfreds,” as they’re called, are entrusted with customers’ keys and perform tasks ranging from laundry to grocery shopping and home cleaning. Because of the intimate nature of the work, hiring Alfreds as full employees made more sense, says CEO Marcela Sapone; she says she also felt strongly about offering her workers traditional benefits.”

The Gig Economy’s False Promise

“Legislation and lawsuits might ensure that traditional labor laws are applied to the gig economy. But a few smaller companies, like Hello Alfred, which dispatches people to do household chores... are taking steps on their own, by treating workers as employees. They say that this lowers turnover and improves the quality of their services.”

The Future Of Home Service, Human After All

“Home Managers, who visit your home weekly or more, depending on how often you schedule them, do indeed perform tasks that are often associated with the traditional butler—they tidy up your home, put away your laundry, do your grocery shopping—but the secret to Alfred is that it’s more than any single task. “Alfred is a system. We plug in other service providers, and we find the best vendors. We have Alfred-approved handymen, Alfred-approved carpenters, Alfred-approved personal chefs, even Alfred-approved dog walkers,” says Sapone. “The menu of services that we do is actually much more expansive than what we market. It’s not like a handy home cleaning service. It’s really adding hospitality to your life,” she continues.”

These 8 Apps and Services Make Everyday Life Easier

“Laundry? Ugh. Grocery shopping? Yuck. Picking up your socks off the living room floor? Yeah, like you have time for that. But Alfred does—sign up for this service to get a personal assistant who’ll stop by every week to tidy up your apartment, grab your groceries, take care of packages, and more.”

The Business of Aging

“Originally designed for busy professionals, Hello Alfred manages a team of part-time “butlers” who do chores or run errands—tasks that are increasingly difficult as we age. Customers can choose either one or two home visits a week, ensuring that burned out light bulbs are replaced and the fridge is always stocked.”

The trick to having it all: asking for help … and hiring a butler

“Forget Siri and other so-called “intelligent” personal assistants. Can Siri let the plumber in to repair that leaky sink? Make your bed? Wait for the cable guy? No. But Alfred can. Founded by two women in their late 20s, Hello Alfred is supposed to be an accessible and affordable way to get the help you need to balance work and personal life. ”

We tried the startup built by 2 Harvard students that does your chores for you — here's what it was like

“The basic service is easy to understand: groceries, laundry, tidying up, and so on. But when I tested the service, what I found most useful were the random chores I had been putting off. My Alfred (Eli) assembled a photo array for me and hung it on my wall, fixed a shirt button, bought me a power strip, and cleaned a wall that had gotten dirty.”

The On-Demand Economy Hits The Reset Button

“The tech blog Valleywag lampooned Hello Alfred as the height of Uber for X absurdity, but it actually works much differently. Customers receive a personal assistant for $128 per month, and that person makes sure that the house cleaning, grocery shopping, and laundry gets done every week. With Sapone’s realization that “on demand” wasn’t as important as “easy,” Alfred removed itself from a reliance on Uber’s business model, which depends upon the unit economics of spontaneous, one-off transactions.”

Tiny Home Test Drive

“Carmel Place’s rent includes not just internet and Wi-Fi, but a weekly tidying service and a monthly deep clean, along with dog walking, dry cleaning pickup and any number of customized errands through an app called Hello Alfred, all organized by Ollie.”


“Hello Alfred—named after Bruce Wayne's valet—was their answer. At first, Sapone and Beck collected customers with old-school flyers tacked up around Boston and hired employees through Craigslist—or did the errands themselves. But after graduating, they raised $2 million, launched HelloAlfred.com at the 2014 Tech Crunch Disrupt conference, and became the first all-female team to win the event's start-up competition (and its $50,000 prize).”

Transforming Lives with Transforming Furniture

“In addition to the fully-furnished apartments, an all-inclusive living experience, Ollie™, is being provided at no cost to the veterans. All veterans will receive weekly housekeeping and a visit from a Hello Alfred personal butler (performing tasks such as making the bed, re-stocking groceries, doing the dishes, etc.), hi-speed Wi-Fi and standard cable, among other amenities.”

10 Impressive Startups Founded By Women Entrepreneurs

“Jessica Beck and Marcela Sapone built Alfred to find time to do the things they love. With Alfred, they aim to fundamentally change the way people help each other and get things done. Alfred, coined the home operating system, pairs busy individuals with organized, knowledgeable, intuitive people who handle all of life’s necessities: from groceries and dry cleaning, to tailoring and sending packages.”

7 on-demand Mother's Day gifts you can get without putting down your smartphone

“Your mom was, at one time, kind of like your personal butler. Even if she wasn’t a 'drive you to soccer' sort of person, at one point she fed you and wiped your butt. Hello Alfred won’t go that far, but they will pair your mom with a vetted professional who’ll swing by her house and handle most of her pain-in-the-butt chores. They’ll do her grocery shopping, laundry, home cleaning and a whole bunch of other stuff.”

New rules for a new economy

“Hello Alfred, a New York-based startup that provides personal assistants to its subscribers, decided to hire front-line workers at a rate of between $18 and $30 an hour rather than treat them as contractors... “On the plus side, it gave us the ability to train our employees without feeling like we were stepping over a line,” she said. “And it signaled to an emerging supply pool that we were serious about having good jobs and paying well.””

With These 5 Apps, Who Needs a Personal Assistant?

“You’ll have one person assigned to you, who can wait around for the cable guy, pick up groceries, water plants, and whatever else you can think of — just be prepared for a few extra fees if there’s travel involved.”

Want to Stay in Bed All Day? These 6 Apps Will Handle Your Work for You

“Nothing takes the joy out of mental health day like knowing you have plants to water, groceries to buy and a dust bunny stronghold in the bedroom to destroy. Indicate on the Alfred app what chores need handling (pick up dry cleaning, grab these groceries at the store, fold my laundry.) and Alfred will send out a trustworthy staffer to get it all done.”

Look what start-ups already pay $15 minimum wage

“At New York City-based Hello Alfred, a subscription-based start-up that helps customers with chores like laundry and groceries, starting pay for employees is a whopping $18 an hour. ”

With These 5 Apps, Who Needs a Personal Assistant?

“You might not be leading a double life as a superhero, but that doesn’t mean you couldn’t use some physical help around the bat cave. For regular physical service, Alfred provides a faithful butler who can handle all of those physical tasks for you, from cleaning services to organization and errands.”

Candidates: How will you turn ‘gig’ jobs into good jobs?

“The choice between business innovation and corporate accountability is a false one. Innovative on-demand companies, such as the transit service Bridj, the cleaning company Managed by Q, and the laundry and cleaning company Alfred, have always treated their workers as employees... These companies and their practices demonstrate that treating workers as employees adds to a company’s success, rather than detracting from it. ”

15 Apps That’ll Make You Insanely Productive

“It starts at $32 for one weekly visit. Your “Alfred” can help with tasks like dog walking, home cleaning, laundry drop off, groceries, watering plants, gift shopping, returns, dish washing… you name it. At the end of every month, you pay for the items bought through Alfred, which promises no markups, only retail prices or better.”

Venture Capital's Answer to High-Priced Housing: Dorms for Grown Ups

“All renters have access to a lounge area with free food at special events, roof deck, pool, maid service and a visit from Alfred, a butler service that comes once a week to do tasks like pick up prescriptions or drop off dry cleaning.”

These HBS Students Are in a Startup Lockdown for Spring

“The original team worked on the makings of what would become Hello Alfred one of its 5 days. The startup - whose prototyping occurred during that day - has continued on to raise two rounds of funding and grow.”

Why this start-up is doing everything to complicate the registration of its customers

“The ambition is to build a "relationship" with customers, which begins the registration process. "We want to ensure that our interface is conversational, to feel this relationship."”

New Independents: The new majority

“The speakers pointed to Hello Alfred as an app that represents entrepreneurs on the cutting edge of finding ways to provide new independents with, as they put it, more hands.”

Boston innovators head to Austin for South By Southwest

“Cory Rellas, the chief operating officer of venture-backed Drizly, will be leading a panel about the on-demand economy and its challenges and opportunities on Saturday, along with Jess Beck, the co-founder of Harvard-born startup Alfred.”

NYC's first micro apartments are almost ready to open

“And thanks to Ollie, a service that curates "all-inclusive living experiences" by providing hotel-style conveniences, the rent will also include cable, wireless internet, Hello Alfred (am app-based home manager), and even housekeeping.”

The Age of Hospitality is Coming

“The future of consumer tech is putting humans back in the computing loop and connecting the offline and online worlds in ways we have never seen. ”

AI, Date, and Empathy: The Future of Customer Experience

“Beck claimed that she and her partner knew that they would only succeed by putting people at the center of their business, even though customers access and control the service online.”

Venture capital starts to tune out of on-demand services

“Ms Sapone and others point to a dramatic shift in the venture community’s appetite for investing in the sector. “Now it’s close to impossible to get venture funding” for some on-demand companies, she says.”

Hello Alfred' a New Virtual Butler App

“Imagine going into the weekend with your to-do list done.”

uber-type work is just a band-aid for stagnant wages-- but that could change

“Take Alfred, a platform for personal assistants whose chief executive, Marcela Sapone, has become something of an evangelist for treating platform workers with dignity.”

2 Harvard students built a company that will do your chores for you, and it's made money since day one

“There are plenty of "last mile" startups — companies obsessed with logistics and delivery and getting your groceries or packages to your doorstep. But Alfred wants to be a "last meter" startup, operating inside your home.”

She Started It: Hello Alfred

“A modern service for modern times, your very own personal Hospitality Service 2.0. Imagine the perfect “Alfred” for your very own bat cave that works to serve your needs, predict your wants, and ask the right questions at the right time, every time. ”

Meet the Butler Service for the 99 Percent

“Need Batman’s butler, Alfred, to be at your beck and call, but haven’t got Bruce Wayne’s bucks? ”

NextCleaners Launches On-Demand Green Dry Cleaning and Laundry Services

“Hello Alfred's home managers, who are the single point of contact for our customers, work very closely with Next Cleaners to deliver exceptional dry cleaning, laundry and custom tailoring services all delivered to your closet.”

Uber's Labor Relations is Driving it into a Ditch

“Others, like the shopping, laundry and cleaning service Hello Alfred, food service and delivery company Munchery, cleaning company Managed by Q, transit serveBridj and temp agency BlueCrew treated their workers as employees from the get-go.”

A butler app at your service

“Hello Alfred allows customers to hire a shared neighborhood butler to tackle their to-do list. ”

Alfred: A butler for the 99%

“In addition to the chores, Alfred acts as a concierge to help manage things like dry cleaning and grocery shopping.”

5 weirdest Millenial-Run Companies You'll have to See to Believe

“Founded by Marcela Sapone, 29, and Jessica Beck, 30, this butler service has raised $12.5 million in funding. For $25 a week, Alfred connects you to a third-party assistant to complete chores (stocking the fridge or sending flowers).”

What's in a name: the unsual stories behind 7 NYC tech companies

“The company drew from Batman, a beloved hero also in the business of helping people.”

3 Internet Things devices that will make your life easier

“We’ve recently discovered a great application called Hello Alfred. What this app does, is that it finds you an Alfred (the name is to remind you of Bruce Wayne’s butler), and have him do your chores for a fee.”

4 Ways Consumer Attitudes will Shift by Next Year

“You can see this reflected in concierge-type services like Hello Alfred and other service-oriented apps that focus on relieving stress in consumers’ lives, or the overwhelming popularity of the Yule Log app which relaxes with its simple, mesmerizing visuals. - See more at: https://nrf.com/news/4-ways-consumer-attitudes-will-shift-next-year#sthash.Y5qQjCLi.dpuf”

Your Personal Robot Helper

“Available in New York and Boston, Hello Alfred sends trained, vetted personal butlers to help users with dry cleaning, groceries, smoke detectors in need of batteries, and whatever other household chore that prevents life from happening.”

Hello Alfred! AI, Data and Empathy of the Future Customer at #SMWNYC

“Jess Beck, COO & Co-Founder of Hello Alfred, an automated portal for getting your chores and home services done, will join a session at SMW New York with leaders from Havas LuxHub, Barbarian Group, and IBM to discuss the evolution of AI, and what the next 5, 10, and 25 years might look like for businesses and customers.”

Meet Your New Butler: Hello Alfred

“This former McKinsey consultant wants to help Millennials gets their lives in order with Hello Alfred, a tech-savvy butler service priced for anyone. For $32 a week an “Alfred” will organize your Batcave and manage on-demand services like Handy and Instacart to keep the kitchen sparkling, laundry hamper ”

35 New Condos Ready to Rise at hayes Valley's One Franklin

“The building has also created partnerships with businesses like Uber, Hello Alfred—a butler service, Luxe—the on-demand valet company, and Luke's Local—a local grocery delivery service.”

Hello Alfred helps agents give clients the gift of time

“Hello Alfred, one of the latest on-demand services offered in the sharing economy, is helping real estate agents win the loyalty of their clients by offering the gift of time. ”

Manager of New York's first micro-unit development inks pact with 'personal butler' service

“Ollie is now Hello Alfred’s sole micro-unit partner, and charges for the services provided are already included in the quoted rents for residents. ”

Alumni Top Two New Lists of Rising Stars

“CEO of Hello Alfred, an online, on-demand butler service; cofounded with classmate Jessica Beck.”

Forbes' 30 under 30: The 11 Coolest Women to Know

“Let's all just take a moment to thank Marcela Sapone, the tech-savvy co-founder of Hello Alfred who knows just how lazy (and broke) we millennials are.”

30 Under 30 Consumer Tech 2016: Delivering Transportation, Security And Luxury With A Single Tap.

“Marcela Sapone, 29, is this year’s Consumer Tech call-out and the founder of the butler app Hello Alfred.”

Keep Your New Year's Resolutions with these Terrific Products

“A client manager will arrive at your house to supervise a cleaning service, stock your fridge with your grocery list, mail packages and even arrange to change the battery in your watch.”

30 Under 30: Consumer Tech

“Women start businesses that seem cute on the surface, but that’s when you should be really afraid. What we’re doing is really meaningful and is going to change how people live.”

Setbacks do not erase disruptive potential for the sharing economy

“In recent days, Shyp, a packing and shipping service, and Instacart, a grocery delivery company, have moved to turn informal contract workers into full-time employees. They join others including Munchery, for home-delivered meals, and Hello Alfred, for managing all these other new “on-demand” services, which made the same move last year.”

The Ultimate Guide to Outsourcing Your LIfe

“57,600 number of shirts Hello Alfred, a service that makes weekly housecalls to handle your most loathsome chores, has drycleaned in the past year”

Can These Micro-Units Fix New York City's Housing Problems?

“Plus all residents get free access to an app, Hello Alfred, which acts as a type of virtual concierge for tasks like pet-walking or picking up dry cleaning. The units range from $2000 to $3000 per month.”

Does Technology Improve the Act of Giving, or Devalue It?

“Sapone, the cofounder and CEO of Alfred, a startup that offers subscribers access to an on-demand person fulfilling a “butler” role (hence the nod to Bruce Wayne’s stalwart helper), argues that digital tools enable people to do more, they don’t replace human interactions.”

These 5 Startups Will Skyrocket in 2016

“The name of this app is, as you probably presume, a pun intended to remind you of Bruce Wayne’s faithful valet Alfred.”

7 Smart Ways to give the gift of experiences, not things

“Alfred manages errands like laundry, grocery shopping, and cleaning while you're at work. And they have gift cards.”

5 Early Adopters Who are Living Life Like It's Already Tomorrow

“I’m a power user and spend about $5,000 a month on my VAs, though you can start for as little as $100 per month if you just use someone part time or a service like Hello Alfred, which is a butler service that sends a real person to my house once a week to do my grocery shopping and simple errands like watering my plants or selling my Google Glass on eBay.”

NY's First Mico-Apartments Actually Look Kinda Comfortable

“It includes high-end furniture sourced from Italian designers, a housekeeping service, Wi-Fi, cable, and a weekly errand handled by a personal “butler,” coordinated through a partnership between Stage 3 and Hello Alfred, the on-demand assistant service.”

When will Labor Laws Catch up with the Gig Economy?

“Hello Alfred and a spate of companies that fit the sharing or on-demand model have already made the choice to bestow greater protections on their workers by making them full employees.”

Four Services to Eliminate Every Chore from Your Life

“Hello Alfred, a service currently available in New York and Boston but soon expanding to San Francisco and Los Angeles promises to take low-level errands such as grocery and laundry off your hands.”

The PSFK Holiday Gift Guide 2015

“Surely, your loved ones could do with spending a little more time with you and less with a leaky faucet, laundry runs, or grocery demands which can instead be handled by a vetted right-hand manager? Through the app, members can chat with the Hello Alfred team for special holiday requests like helping set up a dinner party or finding the right mixologist for an event.”

NYC's First Micro-Unit Building Offers Tons of Cushy Services

“And maybe it's not quite hotel service, but it will hook you up with Hello Alfred manager who can take care of services like house cleaning, laundry, and grocery shopping.”

Start-Up Leaders Embrace Lobbying as Part of the Job

“The efforts by Hello Alfred underscore how today’s tech companies — even the youngest ones — have accepted lobbying as an essential part of doing business. In addition to knowing the language of computer code, founders are speaking the language of Washington, keenly aware of the potential regulatory battles that could be on the horizon.”

Piers Fawkes: Time for New Luxury

“Just like a real expert, you don’t even have to deal with the app unless you want to tweak a request, i.e. switch to low-fat milk on the grocery list or change the pick-up schedule of dry cleaning.”

How to Succeed with a Services Marketplace: Choose the Model that fits you right!

“A services marketplace (SM) is one where discovery of services/skills forms the basis of its offering to clients/customers and opportunities for paid work form the basis of its offering to freelancers/professionals. It has made an existing marketplace more liquid, better managed, and more transparent.”

Ultimate Guide to Boston

“We’re going to let you in on a secret: you don’t have to be a celebrity to have your own personal assistant.”

5 Online Businesses That Will Restore Your Faith in Our Generation

“The two young women behind Hello Alfred believe leisure time should not be a luxury.”

How LG’s G4 Will Help You Live The Haute Life

“This “butler app” essentially handles everything you don’t want to. Hello Alfred can anticipate all your needs, from dry-cleaning, laundry, groceries, cobbler, tailor, packages, pharmacy, and even make donations to your favorite charity.”

How Presidential Hopefuls Can Help the On-Demand Economy

“Furthermore, government isn’t providing any meaningful guidance to these companies coming under attack by class action lawsuits for allegedly misclassifying 1099 contractors. This directly threatens our industry’s pace of innovation.”

Why the 'Uber for janitors' doesn't 1099 its employees

“Others, such as Managed by Q and domestic help provider Alfred, chose that path from the beginning.”

Mary? Madeline? Facebook M: the virtual assistant

“By trying to help everyone at the same time, M could be the online “Alfred” for 1.5 billion people, helping us to accomplish our tasks, and making our lives easier.”

The Uber future: A magic layer is coming

“The founders of Alfred have basically put the Mandarin Oriental concierge in your pocket (minus the $700-a-night buy-in).”

UNDER 35 AND CRUSHING IT: Meet the most ambitious young founders in New York who are building the next giant companies

“Marcela Sapone, 29, and Jessica Beck met at Harvard Business School, fresh out of stints in the finance world.”

Giving a Virtual Key to the Personal Butlers Filing In and Out of Your Home

“Hello Alfred and August Locks announced a partnership today which could prove to be the key copy killer.”

August smart locks now let Sears and Postmates in when you’re not home

“Hello Alfred, a startup that helps you manage all the on-demand services that you use to get through the day, will use August Access to help you restock your shelves.”

An API For Your Door

“For example, Alfred’s home managers can use August to come make your bed or coordinate recieval of your grocery or laundry deliveries while you’re gone — but you don’t have to give them a physical key they could use anytime.”

What will become of empathy in a world of smart machines?

“We’re already starting to see it occur in hospitality, with services such as Alfred, where a human being orchestrates the growing number of on-demand services (Uber, Instacart etc) to get things done for you quickly, and in one place.”

It's Like Uber for Janitors, With One Huge Difference

““A lot of these startups are applying the rules of technology” when it comes to workers, says Alfred co-founder Marcela Sapone. “That’s not how you deal with people you have a relationship with.””

SILICON ALLEY 100: Meet the most inspiring and influential people in New York tech right now

“Marcela Sapone and Jessica Beck met at Harvard Business School, fresh out of stints in the finance world.”

Hello Alfred s’occupe de toutes vos tâches quotidiennes à votre place

“We want to be somewhat smart and intuitive interface that handles research and book these services for you.”

Your Personal Superhero at the Tap of an App

“Whether you need help to battle a rising sea of laundry, an ever-growing pile of dishes in the sink, or a perpetually understocked fridge, Alfred is here to save the day.”

Senator Warner: On-demand firms need regulatory timeout

“On-demand firms need a regulatory timeout -- a breather from legal battles while they figure out a new way to classify their workers, according to Virginia Senator Mark Warner.”

Alfred Service: Your Affordable Personal Butler

“The Alfred service pairs busy people with Home Managers to make your to do list done by the time you get home from work.”

How to Win at TechCrunch Disrupt

“Few companies understand how much of a leg up that award can be more than Hello Alfred, a personal butler service that beat out five other finalists in 2014 to win the top prize.”

How to win at TechCrunch Disrupt: 2014 winners share secret to their success

“We didn't think we were going to win. Someone backstage gave us the impression that we hadn't -- so we went and sat in the audience. When the time came for them to announce the winner the organizers couldn't find us. They had to ask the teams backstage to look for us.”

Disrupt SF Begins: Here Are Five Startups That Got Their Start At The Tech Convention

“As the winners of last year's Disrupt SF Startup Battlefield, they have certainly put together a unique service that combines technology with the human element.”

A Year In Review: The Disrupt Startup Battlefield 2014

“In the six months after winning the Disrupt Battlefield SF in September, the company has raised upwards of $12 million, set up shop in NYC, and tripled the number of employees on the team. InMay 2015, the company introduced a new service called Hello Alfred that is available nationwide.”

The 10 Apps You Need to Win Fashion Week

“For those not blessed with a full-time personal assistant, Hello Alfred fills the void with things like picking up dry-cleaning and groceries, and even offering services such as tailoring and laundry. Don’t let a deadline or a night-owl schedule prevent you from taking care of the rest of your life.”

Independent contractors, or abandoned workers?

“Their year-old company, Hello Alfred, is basically Uber for butlers. Its “home managers” — known as Alfreds, after the manservant in “Batman” — go into clients’ homes and make sure the chores get done. To win customers’ confidence, and for its own comfort, the company needed reliable Alfreds whom it vetted, trained, and carefully oversaw. For that, it needed real employees.”

Harvard Business School Takes on Fashion and Beauty: Meet the Mogul Grads Who Are Changing the Game

“"I think it's a friendlier place," says Marcela Sapone ('14), who along with classmate Jess Beck cofounded Alfred, the on-demand "butler service" that last year won the ultra-prestigious TechCrunch Disrupt startup competition in San Francisco. ”

Two Harvard students were sick of their dirty apartments, so they built a company that will do your chores for you

“Today, Alfred is a startup that hires employees — Alfred Client Managers, or just "Alfreds" — to run weekly errands: things like buying your groceries, sorting your mail, dropping off packages, and taking care of your laundry for you. ”

A Fixer for Your Life

“Enter Alfred, a New York-based startup that pairs you up with a… butler? Servant? No, a caretaker—someone who comes into your home, gets to know your needs and integrates into your life and neighborhood. For [$128] a month, Alfred, one of the Observer’s Tech Insurgents 2015, will come into your home to do your cleaning, laundry, buy your groceries, do your tailoring or even just bring you your keys when you’re locked out of your apartment. It provides you with, essentially, an all-purpose human being that learns what you need and like, and delivers it.”

Meet Hello Alfred, A Single Portal For Your Home Service Needs

“Alfred is a service layer that sits on top of your usual on-demand services (groceries, laundry, packages, etc.) and coordinates those services together through a weekly visit from your very own, trusted Alfred. This person has a set of your keys and over time learns how long it takes for you to go through a carton of milk or where your dry cleaning goes in your closet. Instead of ending up with grocery bags and boxes, you come home to a closet full of clean clothes, a stocked fridge, and sorted mail.”

10 Promising Startups Poised to Change the Way You Live, Work and Play

“Alfred has a network of “client managers,” or individuals who come into your home and coordinate your laundry, groceries, dry cleaning, tailoring, pharmacy prescriptions and other domestic chores”


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